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American Catastrophe Restoration Employee Portal

Welcome to American Catastrophe Restoration Employee Portal

Our Goal is to establish an automated process that services our potential clients, by simple following the protocol, Am-Cat as already created forms that are able to reach out to clients with information that is needed in making the decision in working with a contractor is available through the protocol that has been created, by filling out the following forms, allows the process to start.  The Sales Representative that fills out the information is associated throughout the process by email that was submitted.  We strive to create a professional experience with all clients in dealing with a catastrophe.

produced and created by -Cory Meister

Am-Cat's Employee Portal

The BatCAve

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Complete are client Leads portel by filling out the following forms, and allow the process to start.


Am-Cat's Employee Portal

American Catastrophe Restoration Protects & Services our Clients
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Am-Cat's Employee Portal


Am-Cat's Employee Portal

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