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Preferred Agents

Am-Cats strategic marketing strategies is to building multiple business relationships within the industry


Our Insurance Agency Strategy.

We have an Insurance Agency program that we use in building relationships with insurance agents in their communities with buildings, Homeowners, Investors, Business Owners, Renters, and Skyscraper Residence.

With over 250,000.00 cities in the United States, we have our work cut out, our mission is to protect each of those communities and the 1st thing is each building, homeowners, investors, business owners, renters, and skyscraper residents. Need to be covered by insurance, because we all are aware of the vulnerabilities to the unfortunate or in other circles #Mayhem that can rain down.  Understanding that the insurance industry is one big puzzle, with the solution is putting all the pieces together.,

1st the importance of getting coverage, the introduction of the insurance Agent to understanding how to submit a claim meeting your claims adjuster to manage your claim, and Losses to homes and buildings have a small or at times big educational learning curve when explaining the step-by-step procedures in what is covered what is not covered, how the insured is responsible in getting emergency services. Providing inventories of personal items before any and or erection of repairs can even take place. When met with the logistics of it all questions stem from what type of coverage is needed, to how I can get more coverage, that always ends with” I Didn’t Know” when owners and renters unfortunately are presented with this obstacle.

Therefore, we started sourcing and researching, and obtaining preferred Insurance Agents to establish a relationship with our client base where Preferred Agents can execute their services with client management skills, performance, and client responsibility as a priority when called upon.

Our effective Insurance agent’s strategy comes down to 3 criteria that we experience in matching our Preferred agent with servicing within their community the knowledge base that the agent has in servicing and the company brand recognition. We realize you have a fiduciary responsibility with your client base clients’ experience at times is based on the relationship established with their agent and at times their adjuster.  That’s why Am-cat created Action Plans, giving a step-by-step playbook in dealing with any structural loss stemming from a Fire, Water, and or Wind damage and how your emergency services and restoration repairs are handled and executed. Therefore, we have an Agents sponsorship program with sponsors’ Action plans, for all agents that see the value in providing leadership to their clients and establishing a win-win relationship.


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Take Advantage of The Sponsorship Packages Offer

We’re soliciting sponsorship packages for all our Preferred Agents to take advantage of the perspective of educating the importance of insurance, from a loss management point of view.

By setting up a smart SEO google search advertisement campaign. We created an automated system that allows our client base to do just that, the ability to reach out to a client base and submit and build relationships with owners and renters in assisting with their insurance loss needs.

We developed creative print-add strategies from post-card brochures at live events providing hand-to-hand promotion under Tented areas, gorilla marketing hand-to-hand in crowds to door-to-door promotion marketing, throughout your communities, with all your associated social media and contacts on print handouts, the ability having a direct-link throughout both www.am-cat.com and www.Am-catems.com multiple pages online for banner- advertising placement, of up to 3-10 sponsorships page-links for site acquisition placement and the option as well as single pages pop-ups describing all your services with the means you’re taking advantage of all the adverting that we spend with google adds google + and all other internet advertisements via 3rd party advertisement)

We are offering 3 packages per 3 months

Gold $3,000.00

Silver $2,000.00

Bronze $1,000.00

Strategy of Action Plan Placement

Am-Cats strategic marketing strategies is to building multiple business relationships within the industry so we can organize collective data in matching services with are preferred network. With multiple moving parts with different resolutions its critical in matching related services in the insurance service industry. We have a collective array of marketing plans in submitting out Action Plans in each preferred agents’ communities’ residents of Homeowners, Building Investors, Business Owners and renters and skyscraper residence sign up today.