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When disaster strikes, you get one chance to make sure repairs are done right. The emotional state following a House Fire or Flood is devastating, overwhelming and there is a feeling of helplessness.

It is tough to be prepared for something that you never saw coming. “Where do I begin?” “Who do I call?” “What should I do?” These are common questions that our clients usually start with. That is where American Catastrophe Restoration (Am-cat Restoration) comes in to help.

We take on the burden of reconstructing your home back to its original condition, allowing you to handle your today to day operation as we rebuild you back to whole.


Am-cat Restoration is also fully equipped to handle all aspects of structural reconstruction of a fire damaged building. One of the big challenges for a remediation and restoration company is to ensure a highly skilled recovery effort that can be completed in a timely manner and within the approved budget.

Reconstruction is a critical component of the process, and the more that can be accomplished under a single umbrella, the more successful the final outcome, in an effort to provide more comprehensive reconstruction services. Regardless of the circumstances that started the fire, our professionals are trained to remediate a fire loss, restore the property, and its contents as quickly as possible with minimum disruption. Am-cat Restoration is prepared to handle the water and ensuing moisture that lingers after a fire is put out. Depending on the condition of the building after a fire, (if it is safe to do so) a thorough dry down of the area will be initiated to prevent mold and mildew growth and prepare for the next step of the fire remediation and restoration.

After the fire loss is assigned to a project manager and preliminary walkthroughs with Home / Business owner are scheduled, that project manager surveys the job with the building / home owner and insurance company representative. Generally, after permits are pulled all guild lines are followed through the city’s building codes, and upon approval of the agreed work to perform, all tradesmen schedules to start roughing in, such as Framing, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical and if cabinets need to be customized, the old cabinets are measured to determine sizes before being fabricated. A 3D image will be modified for kitchens and bathrooms based on measurements.

With commercial and some residential buildings, engineers are recommended to address structural issues and to put together engineering plans. The engineering plans will also show code change requirements. For instance, extra smoke detectors. This initial process of setting up plans for city approval, can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

Am-cat Restoration will handle the process of meeting with the engineer, and then bring plans along with associated articles to the city planning and building departments for approval. Most cities require 2-3 weeks to review plans before approving them. After reviewing the proposed plans, the city will either release them as approved and issue a permit or release them for corrections, at which point the engineer will make the necessary changes and resubmit the plans for approval. After the plans are approved, the appropriate fees for the required inspections, such as, building,

electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The approved plans along with permit card will then be picked up. Depending on what type of repairs your structural damages require, Am-cat Restoration will call in all inspections in to the city. Each item will need proper notification of inspections through the city building department. With the approved signatures on the associated permit, the project manager can continue with the Am-cat Restoration project time line, by performing his scheduled walk through with the owner and keeping the projected start and completion time on schedule.

A large fire typically requires more walkthroughs and material selections with the owner as the job progresses, therefore lengthening project time to completion. If large beams are required, it will usually take a week to get them delivered, but if roof trusses are involved, it usually takes two weeks for them to be fabricated and delivered to the jobsite. Depending on the weather and the nature of job, demolition work may be delayed until assurance of a delivery date for the beams are confirmed, so they can coordinate timely removal and replacement. Also, if large beams are being installed, the project manager will plan ahead to have the correct heavy lifting equipment onsite, such as a crane, at the same time the materials arrive. All these considerations must be made for the job to be completed in a correct and timely manner and avoid unnecessary delays. As with reconstruction after a water loss, there is a final walkthrough with the owner to sign off and approve all work that has been done.



Multiple tests with over 600 questioned that a score of 70% or more is required to become a Project lead, with a lot of moving parts involved with restoration  / construction rehab from dealing with sub-contractors to city officials and inspectors, vendors to searching and delivering material, and scheduling the sub-contractors based off the phase where repairs are in, knowing when the weather is going to effect the job site, protecting the job site, all these items need to be accounted for before are project leads can even start to work.  Test your Project Lead skills by taking the short test below.

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Techniques In How Am-Cat Handles Your Claim

Am-Cat's Restoration Project Leads are Am-Cat Certifed To Handle All Aspects Of The Phases Of Construction.

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Q.  How do I fix small fire damage in an attic in a Home?

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Q.  How long does it take to rebuild a house?

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Q.  Is it cheaper to rebuild or renovate?

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Q.  How long does each stage of building a house take?

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Q.  How much does it cost to completely rebuild a house?

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Q.  Can you reuse a foundation after a fire?

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Q.  What does insurance cover if your house burns down?

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Q.  What steps to take to fix a fire damaged house?

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Q.  What does a general contractor project manager do?

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Q.  What are items of overhead?

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Q.  What are the essential qualifications of a contractor?

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Q.  What is the difference between a contractor and a consultant?

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Q.  How Much Do Project Manager Jobs Pay per Hour?

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Q.  What is included in contractor overhead?

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Q.  What is the difference between a general contractor and a project manager?

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Q.  How much does a project manager charge for a construction project?

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Q.  How much are Construction Management Fees?

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Q.  Can a general contractor be a project manager?

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Q.  What is a general contractor for construction?

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Process My Claim


The 1st Action In assisting you with your Claim is to Review and understand your Policy, and the 2nd is to review if your policy is written either as a Replacement Cost and or an Actual Cash Value: Replacement cost policies provides you with the dollar amount needed to replace a damaged item with one of a similar kind and quality without deducting for depreciation (the decrease in value due to age, wear and tear, and other factors). Actual cash value policies pay the amount needed to replace the item minus depreciation. While Am-Cats is reviewing your police, we schedule a technical write up, a line-by-line estimate of the compromised items that are damaged due to the cause of the active peril as soon as you retain us to handle all structural repairs and process your loss.


We have a vendor program that we use in sourcing and researching and obtaining are preferred vendors to establish a relationship in are client base where they execute their services with management, performance and client responsibility as an priority.  Are effective vendor management strategy requiring instant response time, restoration skills sets, resources, and experience due to each loss’s complexity. We realize are clients experience is based off the election of are preferred vendors, we choose in handling the services of need.

Building strategic business strategy is key when establishing relationships with are vendors by Communicate specific needs to each of our Vendors.  we insure each of our preferred vendors are committed with passion in the services they provide, accountable and reliable with great detail when servicing our client base.  We also do a full interview of each of are vendors on site of their business operations location in assuring the operation process meets all industry standards and is properly licensed and certified through associated industry standards and meets all requirements.  If interested in being a part of the Am-Cats Team, please free in filling out the form below to assisting our client base in the Insurance Loss Service Industry.

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