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Company History

Did you know ?

Did you know there’s about 3,000 fires that burn across the Chicago land area each year, causing millions of dollars in property damages.

In 2019 Did You Know?

Fires - 1.2 million in the US in 2019 causing over 14.8 billion dollars in property damages.
TORNADOS - 1,520 thousand in the US in 2019 causing over $3.1 million dollars in property damages.
HURRICANS - 6 in the US in 2019 causing over $45 billion dollars in property damages.
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  • 1997-2000


    Before the internet boom the founder spent 4 years in technology with fortune 500 companies of the liking of Aon, IBM, Microsoft, before getting introduced to Insurance claim process with BlueCross BlueShield to name a few, during the Internet boom working with a couple startup dot.com’s, then starting his own finding out the importance of Sales, encountered a transitional learning cure by Jumping into a high-pressure sales environment dealing with Insurance loss management and property reconstruction recovery industry allowed the training and development skill sets of property & personal contents adjusting and construction to develop.

  • 2005


    Much like many other large companies, American Catastrophe Restoration had humble beginnings with one crew with just three employees. We had just opened our doors just after that major hailstorm in July 2003 which allowed us to be ready for that big Tornado in Joliet, IL in 2014, Am-Cat’s action plans were created in focusing on the step-by-step procedures each phase of restoration, after performing water mitigation damage and clean up, after floods and sewage backups to mold remediation, fire mitigation 7-day steps. Am-Cat’s action plan provides a road map in how to assemble the damages back to the original state on how you were living before the catastrophe.

  • 2014


    Am-Cat’s team expanded with our trades and sales encompassing all aspects of the reconstruction recovery process, our team will swiftly respond and launch a coordinated process for returning client’s home or business to full operation just like the day before the catastrophe. We’ll assist with any necessary emergency services, with are sister company American Catastrophe Emergency Services that was established in 2014 as well as our preferred vendors that we employ in all investigational areas based off the building policy's declarations written for the property structure under review and assist in providing written technical work-sheets. Once retained will provide a detail scope of work in describing all items compromised and which items need to be replaced verses which items need to be repaired, painted, sealed, and cleaned.

  • 2022


    Am-Cat specializes in catastrophe driven Insurance claims, with Fire of single-family homes and or burned-out buildings our expertise, when being proficient with Fire restoration Structural-Integrity and or structural expertise becomes a common element in handle fire restoration claims. All other related restoration repairs have similar processes, from water, wind, and mold. One of the biggest challenges for a remediation and restoration company is to ensure a highly skilled recovery effort that can be completed in a timely manner and within the approved budget. When working on fire reconstruction projects the time element is a critical component of the process.

    All Am-Cat sub-contractors are sensitive to the time of the reconstruction phases and will work diligently in having an early homecoming. Projects accomplished under a single umbrella, provides more of a concentrated comprehensive effort in having more successful final outcomes, when providing reconstruction services.

    Regardless of the circumstances that started the Fire, and what activated the Water damage or when was the Server Storm that caused an catastrophe our professionals are trained to remediate a loss and restore the property to its original state with added city code elements that might bring extra value to your existing property in return turning a catastrophe into a blessing as quickly as possible with minimum disruption, outlined in our proprietary Project-Restoration-Timeline below.

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