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Fire Damage Restoration company

When choosing our Prefer contractor, we have a plan to start


Am-Cat is a full-service fire damage Restoration company

That utilizes our professional preferred contractors in handling structural reconstruction of burned-out buildings, all other related restoration repairs have similar processes. One of the biggest challenges for a remediation and restoration company is to ensure a highly skilled recovery effort that can be completed in a timely manner and within the approved budget. When working on fire reconstruction projects the time element is a critical component of the process.  All Am-Cat Preferred contractors are sensitive to the time of the reconstruction phases and will work diligently in having an early homecoming. Projects accomplished under a single umbrella, provides more of a concentrated comprehensive effort in having more successful final outcomes, when providing reconstruction services.

Regardless of the circumstances that started the Fire, Flood, or Catastrophe

Our professionals preferred contractors are trained to remediate a loss and restore the property to its original state with added city code elements that might bring extra value to your existing property in return turning a catastrophe into a blessing as quickly as possible with minimum disruption.


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Take Advantage Of The Sponsorship Packages Offer

We’re soliciting sponsorships packages for all our preferred vendors to take advantage of the call-in referral services delivering from the Internet.  By setting up a smart SEO google search adds system campaign, that has multiple requirements that needed to be in place to acquire internet business, your website needs to be setup to date, then all your pages have to be customized and then SEO align with specifice parameters to google search, then your website needs to be built dynamic to handle the data that that is needed to provide the needed information for clients to be submitted to make decisions. We created an automated system that allows are potential client base to do just that, the ability reach out to a client base and submit and build relationships with clients in assisting with their insurance loss needs.

Prints from past card brochures for hand to hand marketing, all associated to your created page on line describing all your services with the ability to have 3-10 sponsorships links throughout both www.am-cat.com and www.Am-catems.com site acquisition placement ( which means you’re taking advantage of all the adverting that we spend with google adds and google + and all other internet advertisement 3rd party)

We are offering 3 packages per 6 months

Gold $5,000.00

Silver $2,500.00

Bronze $1,500.00


It’s important to have a plan.  When choosing are Prefer contractor, we have a plan to start, and by choosing Am-Cat we offer our clients action plans from start to finish on any loss derived from a coverable peril.  Once a property / building is retained, a project manager / Preferred Contractor elected will survey the job with the building owner and go over the scope of work before signing off on the repairs to commence.