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Townhome 7856 S South Shore

  • Posted by: amcat
  • Category: City of Chicago, Foundation Repair, Roof Repair
Cory Meister Quick claim deed purchased 11-07-2018 for my daughter

Cory Meister Quick claim deed purchased 11-07-2018 for my daughter;                                                                                                                 tried to pull permits; unable to pull permits do to city requirement* condo-association order needed a signature from condo-association president; there wasn’t one established for the properties; all properties were involved in a RECEIVERSHIP through the court system of the city of Chicago. I retained a structural engineer; to develop a structural report: Structural Site Evaluation Report of the existing conditions 12-04-2018   As the owner I provided emergency roof repair with water damage to roof joists throughout the unit. Stop Work order posted by Marc Peterson 12-14-2018; Met with city inspector Marc Peterson in receivership court and explained that I couldn’t pull the permit because there wasn’t a condo-association set up; I also informed the judge; the judge then questioned the receiverships contractors in if they pulled the required permits and if Marc Peterson inspected the repairs; and found out the receiverships roofing contractors never pulled a permit on 01-07-2019. The case has been continued multiple times and the property owners are stuck paying for a non-compliant roof through a court order and I’m wrong in repairing my property’s roof based on the structural report.  I then retained another architect through construction permit consultants on June 17th, 2019; where in the last stages of completion.

Author: amcat