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Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel

Am-Cat’s Multiple Teams will work in unison with our preferred licensed vendors to perform a complete Bathroom remodel at a cost per square foot – prices can range from $20,000 – $60,000.00+ a project based on the size and materials and fixtures used.

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Tile on the walls

Bathroom Remodel

Team Am-cat team will provide weekly (every Thursday) design and construction updates.

Interior design service with up to 14 hours of design work included in the price

Site prep: Cover the working area with plastic and tarps as necessary. Disconnect electrical and plumbing as necessary.

Demolition: of the bathroom to the studs and subfloor. Lath and plaster demolition included. Remove all project debris. Walls, plumbing, and electrical modification per new design.

There is a possibility that some of the project’s existing: insulation, structure, sub-floor, concrete floor, plumbing, electrical, HVAC ventilation, etc. need to be fixed, leveled, or relocated from the walls or soffits after demolition is completed.

If Team Am-cat discovers the above items need to be fixed, leveled, or relocated from the walls or soffits, a price will be provided to the homeowner for items upon discovery, unless otherwise stated below.

Framing: Frame out new shower base with bench and recess shelf or bathtub area with recess shelf.

Plumbing: Relocate plumbing per new design. Install shower/bathtub faucet, 2 vanity faucets, toilet, bathtub, or shower drain. For a custom shower base install a waterproofing rubber liner and pour the concrete for the new base to prepare the proper slope.  Apply RedGard or another product as a second waterproofing. Connect to the existing system.

Electric: Install new circuits and wiring as necessary. Install new 4-GFCI outlets, 5 switches, heated floor, exhaust fan, and vent outside, 3-6” recess can light with white trim, and 2-mirror light fixtures for the bathroom. Connect to the existing system.

Drywall: Install new R-13 insulation for outer walls. Install new moisture-resistant drywall for walls and ceiling. Install new cement board under the wall and the floor tile. Patch, sand, and prime new drywall.

Tile: Install new ceramic/porcelain/glass/stone subway 4×10 or larger format tile for shower walls and mosaic for shower floor. Install new ceramic/porcelain/glass/stone 12×12 or larger format tile for bathroom the floor. Grout tile. Straight lines or staggered installation included. Install standard-size threshold as needed.

Carpentry: Install new white primed 3 ¼-baseboard for walls and 2 ¼-casing for doors. Install new double vanity with drawers, hardware, 2 mirrors, and accessories. Install new standard door stoppers.

Painting: Paint ceiling, walls, doors, trim, and final touch-ups.

Finishes: Clean up the working area and accessories installation.

General: Team Am-cat will provide multiple trades and the construction waiver of lien will be signed after making the final payment. The project will take approximately 5 weeks from the starting date and the customer will not be able to use the space where the work is performed. Any additional work or product/materials backorders will affect the schedule.

Due to the changes in labor and material prices, the price is valid for 14 days and may be revised after the due date.

Price includes $10,000 for allowances as listed: light fixtures, heat floor with thermostat, hardware, double vanity, countertop (manufacturing and installation), mirror, fan, toilet, shower faucet, sink faucet, RedGard waterproofing membrane, bathtub with drain or shower drain, tile and grout, custom shower door (manufacturing and installation), shower curb, accessories.

Allowances price in the proposal/contract is estimated and it’s up to the customer whether to go above or below the allowances price when material selections are made. If customers select materials that are above the allowance price, the customer will cover the difference in the prices.

If the customer selects materials that are below the allowances price, the customer will save the difference in the prices.

Delivery of allowances as listened, or customer supply items are not included in the allowances price. Allowances will be paid separately by the customer during the design process and are not included in the payment schedule.


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